I’d love to speak at your event in Southeast Asia (especially Singapore), San Francisco, or Los Angeles. For events requiring further travel, I may not be able to attend, but I’d like to hear from you. You can reach me at mail@amy.dev.

Upcoming Talks:


Past Talks:

Date Conference Slides Video
How to Break Up With Your Vendor
10/2/2018 Velocity NYC Slides
Navigating the Engineer’s Path (Panel Moderator)
6/27/2018 GeekWire Cloud Tech Summit
Using Chrome Developer Tools to Hack Your Way Into Concerts
9/8/2018 builderscon Slides
7/12/2018 Nike Tech Talks Slides
3/21/2018 JSConf AU (Recommended version) Slides Video
Building Developer Tools Your Coworkers Won’t Hate
2/21/2018 Index Conf Slides Video
5/17/2018 DevOpsDays Silicon Valley Slides
5/24/2018 J on the Beach Slides Video
Scaling Talent: Attracting and Retaining a Diverse Workforce (Panel)
11/2/2017 LISA17 Video
Evaluating a log analysis platform the wrong way
8/9/2017 San Francisco Metrics Meetup Slides Video
UX Design and Education for Effective Monitoring Tools
11/1/2017 LISA17 Slides Video
6/13/2017 MonitorSF Meetup
6/1/2017 TechSummit Amsterdam Slides Video
5/24/2017 Monitorama PDX 2017 (Recommended version) Slides Video
4/12/2017 TechSummit Berlin Slides Video
DIY Performance Tuning When All You Have is Python
3/22/2017 Write/Speak/Code SF: Open Source Office Hours Slides

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