I’d love to speak at your event in Southeast Asia (especially Singapore), San Francisco, or Los Angeles. For events requiring further travel, I may not be able to attend, but I’d like to hear from you. You can reach me at mail@amy.dev.

Upcoming Talks


Past Talks

Date Conference Slides Video
How to Break Up With Your Vendor
10/2/2018 Velocity NYC Slides
Navigating the Engineer’s Path (Panel Moderator)
6/27/2018 GeekWire Cloud Tech Summit
Using Chrome Developer Tools to Hack Your Way Into Concerts
9/8/2018 builderscon Slides
7/12/2018 Nike Tech Talks Slides
3/21/2018 JSConf AU (Recommended version) Slides Video
Building Developer Tools Your Coworkers Won’t Hate
2/21/2018 Index Conf Slides Video
5/17/2018 DevOpsDays Silicon Valley Slides
5/24/2018 J on the Beach Slides Video
Scaling Talent: Attracting and Retaining a Diverse Workforce (Panel)
11/2/2017 LISA17 Video
Evaluating a log analysis platform the wrong way
8/9/2017 San Francisco Metrics Meetup Slides Video
UX Design and Education for Effective Monitoring Tools
11/1/2017 LISA17 Slides Video
6/13/2017 MonitorSF Meetup
6/1/2017 TechSummit Amsterdam Slides Video
5/24/2017 Monitorama PDX 2017 (Recommended version) Slides Video
4/12/2017 TechSummit Berlin Slides Video
DIY Performance Tuning When All You Have is Python
3/22/2017 Write/Speak/Code SF: Open Source Office Hours Slides

Speaker Info

If I have confirmed my presence at your conference, you may use my headshot here.

Here is my bio as of July 2019:

Amy Nguyen is a software engineer at Stripe in Singapore working on new payments products for the Asia Pacific region. Before moving to Singapore, Amy was an infrastructure engineer at Stripe, and, before that, at Pinterest. Amy holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Stanford University. She also served on the board of Stanford Women in Computer Science for three years and was instrumental in making computer science the most popular major for undergraduate women at Stanford. Outside of work, Amy writes about the tech industry, loves baking, and reads too many self-improvement books.

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