Leading through writing in software engineering

I published an article for LeadDev in May 2021 and you can find it here. Here’s a preview:

With writing on the internet, there’s a natural feedback loop: if your article is low quality, you’ll struggle to get readership and engagement, and you’ll self-correct for the next article to increase those metrics. Inside a workplace and at increasing levels of seniority, that feedback loop disappears. Your colleagues and direct reports are obligated to read your emails, so it becomes easy to mistake their readership as a sign of a good job. In reality, your colleagues may never tell you something as blunt as ‘I had to read your proposal three times to understand the point’ or ‘Oh, those notes? I just marked it as read.’

Your writing directly impacts the health of your team and the execution of your product. Confusion about the vision for the team and its mission, as well as the big picture of where you want to go, are all symptoms of unclear communication. As such, we should approach the writing we send to our colleagues in the same way that we approach building products: by putting the user (the reader) first and designing a great reading experience.

Head over to LeadDev to read the rest!

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